Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ranty Pants

Long legs are supposed to be a good thing. Except that most retailers do not stock ladies' pants or jeans in lengths for those over 5'7". Despite a penchant for clearance racks and bargain shopping, an offer for free shipping finally lured me into ordering the so-called Perfect Khaki pants in a 2" longer than average length since the regular length sits at my ankles waiting for a flood. After much dithering over whether to buy the slightly bigger-than-me size or the exactly-me size, followed by the application of a tape measure, ambition drove me to order my jeans size. The package arrived in just a few short days as promised.
The middle is snug in a front pockets-pulling-slightly-apart, not-even-a-thong-could-avoid-a-panty-line sort of way. The added fabric in the length is not indicative of any additional length in the, er, crotch which makes for a potentially irritating situation in a pair of pants that feel a half-size too small. The desired added length? Somehow, my two inches and ON's two inches have enough variation to make the casual pants long enough to need either a tailor or a heel. This ill-fit was supposed to be avoided by the whole tape measure to the midsection and inseam exercise. *sigh* Not so much.
Slipping out of my ranty pants for a second, the mister thinks the pants look fine. This is one of those small things on which we can just agree to disagree. So. Back they go so some other tall girl can achieve the dream of unexposed ankles in her Perfect Khakis. Despite the sense of having been mislead by I will give them another opportunity to produce at least a Closer to Perfect Khaki. This time ordering the more generous size so that my midsection is not feeling the squeeze, and waiting to hit a tailor until after a laundering since cotton from that retailer always shrinks.

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