Thursday, August 19, 2010


Little Bit has spent the past few months trotting out her budding English accent. She is enamored with the idea of sounding British. Occasionally, we have discussions about all sorts of British things. Words like "trainers", the "lift", and the "loo" have slipped into occasional use. Sometimes we sit around making up sentences that use as many words as we can think of in a single sentence that are not common to American English. With this quirk firmly established, Erin prepares to enter the fourth grade at Pleasant Suburban Elementary in a few days.
Yesterday, her teacher phoned for an initial introduction. Erin will have Mrs. Howard, and she is delighted after talking to Mrs. Howard over the phone yesterday.
Because Mrs.Howard.has.a.real.English.accent. (Ooooh. Ahhh.) We have Meet the Teacher Night today, and the usual anticipation has grown by leaps and bounds since Erin will again get to hear that lovely accent. It ought to be a banner year since there should be no difficulty at all with the child's willingness to listen to her teacher.

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shelley said...

Wow, that's fun! I've picked up a few British English words too. Here's a minor list:
windshield= wind screen
trunk (of the car) = boot
sweater= jumper
standing in line= in the queue
french fries= chips (this can quickly get confusing when ordering food in English and the other person leans on their understanding of British English whilst I lean on my use of American English!)