Friday, August 13, 2010


A friend's child shot his mouth off. She promptly banished Sir Mouths-off-a-lot to his bedroom. He went to his room. He took his cell phone along. Once the door was closed, he proceeded to call his Daddy to complain about the meanness of Mommy. Daddy presented a united front with Mommy, and the fellow who came out of the bedroom after the chat with dear Daddy was apologetic and respectful. Of course, Mommy was less-than-thrilled to discover that this change of heart had been initiated by Dad.
I know all of this because it was on Facebook. I started to commiserate as I imagined Middle Child being sent to her room only to whip out her cell phone in a fit of temper. Except that MC would probably hop on Facebook rather than call her Daddy for wise counsel. I began to type a comment saying that she could at least be thankful that the whole disagreement was not being aired on Facebook for the whole world to read... oh. Yeah. Hee. Delete. That would've gone over like a ton of bricks--- however well intended the commiseration.

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