Thursday, September 16, 2010


I arrived at the appointment for my flu shot. In discussing anti-malarial drugs and immunizations for Honduras, It was interesting to hear that my IVIG makes the immunizations largely redundant. Medications intended to help the body create antibodies to fight off infection are not necessary because the IVIG is full of antibodies. My body cannot do anything with the immunizations, so we will revisit whether or not to give boosters or additional immunizations in the future. The IVIG is potentially a better source of protection because it contains a global pool of antibodies (the things the body produces in response to the introduction of a vaccine that are specialized to fight off specific diseases) already.
There have been consistent prayers for my health as travel has been undertaken in the last two years. Medical science is often the means by which God chooses to answer those prayers. Over Spring Break in Honduras there were many with tummy issues of one sort or another, but I did not become ill with even this most common source of gringo discomfort much less some dread disease. Chalking that up to answered prayer, I was still uncertain as to why I would remain untroubled while my teammates experienced the yuckiness. Ah. Antibodies.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A modern-day medical marvel indeed!