Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stone Soup

This morning, a text message from a friend at a quarter past 6:00 a.m. had that flavor regarding the possibility of salvaging the grocery budget after her fridge and freezer melted down overnight. Since the calendar was surprisingly clear today after an early coffee date, I offered to pick up whatever needed to be cooked. Driving away from her office, the front passenger seat held two packages of ground turkey and a package of hamburger patties that were not going to waste if I could figure out what to do with them. The patties were predestined for meatloaf, but the ground turkey was more of a question mark. Driving through the unseasonal cool and damp, the thought of turkey chili struck. Making a turn into the grocery store, another package of the ground turkey, some peppers, and seasonings suggested by another friend via phone were loaded into a shopping cart. Having never made chili, this is all new to me, but it's perfect weather for the dish along with a side of cornbread.
Armed with ingredients and a plan, the meat was precooked and the peppers chopped. Tomato sauce and diced tomatoes combined with seasonings, the peppers, and the meat in the crock pot. We shall see how the whole thing turns out. It's a bit like the children's story of Stone Soup. Taking what one has (one friend's defrosted turkey + another friend's spicy seasoning expertise + my time and peppers) and throwing it all in one pot hoping that together we can create something especially yummy.