Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture Post: Cross


The start of the boys' race

Evan finished 14th

The 7th and 8th Grade Girls at the Starting Line

Bringing home the bling!

Katie's medal for 30th

This weekend both Evan and Katie ran at the same meet. It was so exciting to to cheer our kids on, and be at the finish line as each one crossed in time to place within medal contention. The high school kids were precisely timed with chip timers around their ankles registering the time they left the starting line and passed between the finish line posts. The middle school runners were a little more old school in that their times were simply noted according to the big timer next to the finish line. Either way, our kids each ran well.
Evan's strength is in his endurance, and he just keeps going no matter what at a steady pace. Katie is still trying to build endurance (like she sees modeled by her brother), but she is fast. She sprinted past the girl ahead of her just in time to claim the final place receiving a medal in her age group. It was a very sweet day of victory for our whole family topped off by the news that Katie has been named Athlete of the Week at her school among the 8th Grade Girls!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Very cool! What a great sport for both of them!