Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Next week, there will be an assembly at the elementary school. An author whose book has something to do with quilts will be speaking and sharing her talents with the k-5 crowd. Mrs. H messaged the parents in Erin's class asking if anyone has a quilt to share. Do we ever! Erin has decided to take in her pink baby quilt to share with her classmates. In addition, she will also have the first quilt my mother made to display. We will write the stories of those quilts together, and there's likely a blog post to come featuring the results with photos of the quilts.
The timing of this opportunity to share a bit of our family history is interesting. A friend from our small group is a quilter. Just this weekend, we spoke of her sharing instruction in the craft. I do not possess a sewing machine, and had Little-House-on-the-Prairie style visions of hand-stitching a work of heart in the evenings to close out the day. (Riiiight.) Quilter and Walker both quickly relieved me of that silliness saying that I could potentially use Walker's sewing machine. Either way, that's an item on the ol' bucket list that may be due for some attention in the near future, and perhaps it will be a hobby that Erin would also enjoy learning since she will be fresh from discussions on the value of such treasures.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Quilts amaze me--all that work. All the fabrics. All the stories.