Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today will be my first shift at our local children's shelter. City House exists as a temporary placement for children whose parents are unable to care for them. The stories of neglect and abuse that bring the children ages 0-17 to the shelter are only a chapter from the stories of the families affected by City House. When a child or group of siblings are removed from their homes on an emergency basis, there must be somewhere for them to go. City House provides a safe haven. The specialty of the house is more than safety, it is the added security of siblings who remain together while foster placement appropriate to all the ages involved is found, family issues are satisfactorily resolved for the children to return home, or the children become available for an adoption. There is immense variety in both the situations the kids come from and the ways in which their needs will eventually be met, but City House is a safe place to wait for resolution.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How good of you to help there! what a wonderful resource for those kids stuck in limbo.