Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crazy, -ier, -iest

Crazy days. Make that cray-zee daze. The past weeks have flown by with little enough time for luxuries like sleep. Reading blogs? Um, yeah, no. Posting to one? Bahahaha. Right. Last week, I walked into a coffee shop, to meet a precious friend who asked, "Where have you been?!" Heh? I'm right here. Oh. Blogger. Right. Surely after school starts there will be a few more hours available in each day. And my house will be clean again.
Maybe. Right. I'd post the excuses, but it would just make Gentle Reader tired. Or it might lead to comments revealing that every other Gentle Reader really "has it all together" while I am scarcely treading water in a sea of happy occasions, prior commitments, and unintentional double-bookings that have utterly filled each teensy square on the calendar.

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