Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fish Guts

In the midst of feeling overwhelmed, I wandered into the book of Jonah. Just after Jonah decided to do what he pleased instead of what he was supposed to be doing, he was swallowed up by a big fish. (Being surrounded by fish guts surely qualifies as a whole new level of funk.) At which point, Jonah decides to pray. I read his words this morning, and felt a bit too much of a connection to what was likely a far more overwhelming situation than any I will ever face.

I practically fell on the floor laughing over a single snippet that seemed to stand out on the page. Ahem. From Jonah 2:5, I offer, "seaweed was wrapped around my head". What I so needed this morning was to laugh myself silly. A mental image of random flights of seaweed adhering to people's heads put a smile on my face, and some much needed laughter into an otherwise ordinary day filled with standard overcommitment.

It also led to the thought that taking the line out of context, it might appear that Jonah was enjoying an exotic spa treatment. Lucky fellow--- a seaweed wrap! I wonder how many people I assume are having a "seaweed wrap" sort of life, when they are really drowning in fish guts? Uh-oh.

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