Thursday, August 27, 2009


An article trumpeted the news that multitaskers tend to have less focus than those who tend toward a single task. Uh-huh. Why would one flit from one task to another in the same amount of time if one were focused? This seems entirely rhetorical, but apparently it was news to the researchers. As a mommy of three, my attention has been frayed into an increasing number of strands with the addition of each child, new responsibility, etc. To wholly focus on a single earthly care would require ignoring another of potentially equal importance. Multitasking is often the only way to accomplish the weekly To-Do List without neglecting anyone.
For example, in meeting my own personal needs, I tend to turn to relationships. I meet different ladies to walk for exercise, but those women are friends who are likely to say something in the course of our trek that sets my mind, soul, or heart racing. And some of our walks take us right through the coffee shop for a wee caffeine boost. (Bonus.) The mister and I have found that the children are unenthusiastic about walking with us, so we can guarantee time to talk by simply putting on our sneakers and heading out the door. By combining the way in which I attempt to meet my physical needs (like the need to be able to zip my skinny jeans) with conversational time that can also fulfill emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs, I'm better equipped to meet the needs of those around me. It's challenging to remember that taking care of Mama is actually a necessary part of taking care of everyone else.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Multitasking. It's how we moms roll. Amen, Holly! You have a great system in place for that exercise!