Sunday, August 16, 2009


The mister wanted an iPhone. I thought he should have one. I also wanted one because they are, well, cute. I'm pretty sure, "cute" is not one of Apple's selling points. And I failed to see why I needed a phone that would do anything besides tell me the time, make and receive calls and texts. Really. But. The mister said that he was not going to purchase the sleek and shiny little widget unless I got one, too. I thought for roughly .000005 seconds before happily agreeing.
So. The first thing I find is that I cannot call out on the phone. Thankfully, someone called me. And I could answer the phone. Panic set in as I realized that my husband was leaving the state, and I was going to be Home Alone with the Children without the ability to operate my phone. (Yes, I remember not having a cell phone. Or when "PDA" was something one didn't want to be caught doing. That was then. This is now. Well, for the phone. I still mutter "Get a room!" under my breath at creepy couples.) Uh-oh. What if the so-called "Smart Phone" is smarter than me?
Then the first rays of light shone out from the genius device. The girls and I planned on attending a movie Monday night, but I needed to make a stop along the way. By the time we were on our way again, our matinee movie had already started. Middle Child takes the phone and finds alternate movie start times while I drive down the road. Hmmm. The next day, Walking Buddy asks if I can drive our combined Middle School kiddies to a local water park. I am not certain where it is located. She programs my phone with the address of the water park so I can find it. (Her daughter helpfully pulled up the GPS map and directions the next day as we drove down the highway.) WB also shows me how to silence the ringer so we can go back to the movies again. And I am able to ask the assorted little questions of the mister that come up throughout the day via chat so that it is almost like having him right there in the living room. Nice. I think I can get used to this sort of convenience.


dabshire4 said...

I like the iPhones!

Leanne said...

I got one for Christmas. And yes, I wanted one because it was cute too. And now? I don't know what I did before I had one. Scary that.

mrs bradley said...

I LOVE mine. I was just like you, thought it was a little ridiculous. Now I would recommend it for Moms or busy people, I think it's one of the few gadgets that's made drastic changes in everyday life. I use the gps deal all the time (works GREAT lost in downtown Dallas!) can check emails regularly rather than siting for hours at the computer and go about my day! Texting Brad is fun throughout the day...I also play too much sudoku once everyone is in bed. Last night I looked at the weather radars (wfaa) in bed with Joy and looked at photo albums of her friends next door on facebook during the thunder.