Monday, February 1, 2010


Praying over whether our home was to be purchased by a Potential Buyer (Internally, the voice of my departed grandma repetitively whispers, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!"), or if we were to go through the challenges and expense of preparing to list in order to receive more of our equity from the sale. Thoughts of a previous prayer acknowledging that God is the determination of what is want and what is need entered. With the thought, the recognition that the new home offering a possibility of returning our son to our household, providing separate rooms for the girls and perhaps a work space for the mister is not sought after in frivolity. (The mister and had hoped that our starter home purchased 12 years ago would one day be our retirement home.) The wants are underscored by the perceived need, but, again, God is unfailingly a better judge of what is truly a need.

Having become somewhat peaceful in this comprehension, it was with a measure of amusement that a call came from Potential Buyer's representative saying that the timing was simply not right for the sale. Galvanized by the given direction, there was immediately a communication with our realtor and establishment of a time frame to place the home on the real estate listings as soon as work can be completed. Bids for whole-house painting and a replacement fence were immediately weighed, and one of each accepted. A storage facility was procured, and boxes of all belongings that could be spared packed. Furniture and boxes have been tucked away in storage, and the reorganization and cleaning have begun.

If you are one given to prayer, please keep the speed of and ability to pay up front for the assorted work in your prayers. The current great hope is to have the home ready to list in two weeks before the realtor leaves to attend a professional conference for a week. The future small hope that has taken root, but shies away from pushing up towards sunlight, is that perhaps an acceptable offer could be had in March before too much strain and urgency, or a third month of storage, is upon us.