Monday, February 8, 2010


There are some friends one can call for anything. This morning, the glass guys were installing the shower surround that we put off until the last dying minute in the master bathroom. (The shower is large enough that we just used it without the enclosure, but I would not expect a buyer to overlook that glaring omission.) In the second bathroom, there were two guys blowing texture on the walls. In case their presence was insufficiently off-putting, the toilet was swathed in layers of plastic sheeting. My interest in the statuses of the two restrooms went from that of a homeowner to that of a somewhat wild-eyed, dancing woman as my morning coffee completed its journey. This is where the friend comes in.
Or rather, where I ascertained that she was out. Recalling a Facebook status update saying that my friend with three bathrooms only a mile from my own doorstep was subbing in middle school, I decided to text to see if her husband was working from home. Nope. They were both out, but I have a key. And the dogs know me. So, I texted my predicament, and then raced to the car with both her blessing and the news that spare toilet paper could be found in the master bath if needed.
Driving over, I hit the only red light between our homes. Sitting in the car listening to the rain fall did not help the increasingly urgent situation. Pulling into the drive, I hurried to the door. Standing with my legs crossed tightly and dancing about, the key was eventually fit into the lock despite fumbling fingers. Slowly opening the door, I reassured all three dogs that I came in pees peace. Pushing past the four-legged, tail-wagging friends, I made a beeline for the hall bath while thinking very, very nice thoughts about friends who really can be called for anything.

And am now realizing that today was only the beginning. Wednesday is going to be the end of days. The glass guys will be back. The painters will still be here. But wait--- there's more! Wednesday is infusion day adding a nurse, an I.V., and Mommy strung out on Benadryl to the mix. In case that's not enough, the children will be released at a half day from Pleasant Suburban schools. I wonder if it is too late to go back and lock myself in my friend's bathroom?

And has anyone else noticed how the number of posts having to do with racing to the restroom increased after that notice about the clinical study on "urgency" came in the mail?


Laura said...

Got a great laugh to start my morning off right. Pondering the logistics of your day tomorrow and wondering how we might help. You are welcome to use our home in any way you see fit. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh no! That is so funny, but totally inconvenient for you!