Monday, February 22, 2010

Say What

I remember being told that we were expecting The Boy. I especially remember my pique on discovery that babies take 40 weeks to gestate. How exactly does the popular 9 month myth manage to survive when women have been producing offspring since the dawn of time? It's generally a bit late to back out by the time that news is sprung for the first time.

I'm feeling about like that tonight. Saturday's showings were honored despite the offer, and had there been any already set for Sunday, then they would also have been honored. Today the assorted parties completed the execution of the contract to sell our existing home, scheduled the inspection for tomorrow afternoon, and the mister and I decided on which house we would place an offer this evening. I could not understand why realtors continued to book showings, and was none too accommodating, though still willing to let the property be visited. The lack of accommodation resulted in the showing service calling our still out-of-town, due-at-an-awards-program (where she was receiving an honor) realtor. She called us, and the announcement that we still need to keep showing until Buyer is through her 7 day option period. Just in case. She also attempted to soothe the "What?! Why?! Who sees a house that's not available?! Isn't this stupid?!" She pointed out that everything is moving very quickly. After all, the house sold in one day. How often does that happen?
So. Tomorrow morning we have back-to-back showings of our house that is not for sale, and three hours when we need to be gone so it can be inspected in the afternoon.
These are good things. Inconvenient, but good.


czstout said...

Congrats Holly! Can't believe it sold so quickly! Did you say y'all have a prospect for where you might end up??

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

But back up plans are mighty nice to know, just in case!

Fannie said...

We know several people that have had offers fall through for a variety of reasons - keep showing and nothing will fall apart!