Friday, February 26, 2010


Dinner time and the menu features the highly kid-friendly fish stick entree.
Middle Child, age late pre-K: Mmmm... Pish Ticks! I wub pish ticks!
Unthinking Parent: That's funny since you don't like fish.
Middle Child: eh?
Still Clueless Parent: Fish. It's odd that you say you don't like fish, but you love fish sticks.
Middle Child, beginning to connect the dots: Why?
Going-to-regret-this Parent: Fish sticks are made of fish.
Middle Child with horror: What?! Dey don't wook wike pish!
Parent beginning to recognize error, but knowing it's too late to turn back now: Fish sticks are made of fish, Peanut. They are made of minced fish. That means it's cut up in teensy pieces.

Middle Child never, ever touched another fish stick. She does find this story funny now.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Now, tell her where baby oil comes from! KIDDING! My kids were appalled to learn the truth about bacon. I still can't tell them about hot dogs...