Sunday, February 21, 2010


Huh. We started to seriously consider selling our home the first week in January. The decision to sell our existing home before purchasing a new one quickly followed the rejection of an offer another house. Having decided to sell, we took a variety of bids on assorted projects. The contractors all had opportunity to complete their jobs on our home sooner than expected allowing us to list just in time for our realtor to head to a conference in New Orleans and my mister to leave for a men's retreat this weekend.
My crazy knew no bounds. Middle Child got in trouble for using the restroom just as we needed to leave for a scheduled showing. Seriously. I raced in to clean the potty again while sniping about waiting ten minutes to use a public potty. I put on my belt, shoes, watch, and outer layers of clothing standing in the driveway and in the car so we were out in time. There was some substantial griping and whining verbal processing. (I'll spare Gentle Reader the details.) Our friends who took our dogs in, walked through with feedback, cleaned, helped stage, and prayed were the best of both support and encouragement. Walker even stepped in to wipe down the master bath counter in the frenzy before the very first showing that came earlier than expected.
Much earlier. The house went on the MLS Thursday night at 8ish. There was immediately a request to show the following morning right after the usual time Walker and I make our Friday morning circuit. Perfect. Except Erin woke up complaining of sore throat and running a fever. Uh-oh. In one of those not stellar Mommy Moments, I passed on the 10-something appointment at the pediatrician in favor of one that would coincide with the showing time a half hour of sore throat suffering later. While at the doctor, another showing booked. So, we killed a little time at the pharmacy waiting on the antibiotics to treat Strep. My e-mail pinged relentlessly with showings scattered across Saturday, but thankfully most were after the 24 hour period of antibiotic treatment to relieve Erin of her contagion.
The house showed well. Or so the assorted realtors said in their feedback. So well, that the first looker offered our asking price. And we accepted despite rumors of another to come. She wanted to close while KT and I are in Honduras, but accepted the counter offer of the 23rd. Of March. And we were waiting to look for a house until ours' was on the market. And our realtor is in New Orleans. Her husband is going to show us ten properties found by hurried cooperative online MLS searches, texting, e-mail, and phone coordination. As soon as my mister gets back into town to sign the contract and join us in our expedition.
The Lord is good. And He is speedy. Hopefully, all will go well with inspections, appraisals, funding, and house hunting. House hunting that immediately follows a message given at church this morning challenging us to consider our materialism and love of luxury. How timely!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

selling a house IS an adventure--I'm glad yours is wrapping up quickly!

Fannie said...

The sooner you sell the less you have to show!