Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day in the life

I decided to take pictures as I went through one of my days just so I could see what it is exactly that I do all day. Today I rolled out of bed and was late to meet Lisa and Denise for breakfast because I just could not find my car keys anywhere.
Immediately after breakfast, I ran the kids over to swim at Ally's neighborhood pool for a very short while. Then it was a race to drop off the kids at home, change clothes, and grab lunch before heading to the church.
A friend had a list of tasks for us to knock out before her maternity leave begins, so we did as much of the stuff as I could help with until she had to head off to a meeting.
I stayed to finish up only to have a neighbor appear with his three little darlings in tow. The children helped me finish up the work with the receipts before I headed home leaving them in the hands of their Daddy so I could go see to my own lovies. As usual, I have no earthly idea where the rest of the day went because I stopped taking pictures at this point...

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dabshire4 said...

WOO WOO!!! Can we get some more of the swimsuit shots??