Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is generally accepted that I have more words than Don. This is not necessarily true. He's an introvert who runs comments, anecdotes, and jokes in his mind a dozen times before deciding to share his wit and wisdom out loud. In most conversations, by the time he is ready to speak, the topic has changed twice. It's too late for his brilliance to be known. So people get the impression that he is both quiet and quite the thinker.
On the other hand, I have the sometimes embarrassing tendency to have words pop right on out of my mouth before all possible meanings of those words really penetrates my brain. (This can lead to trouble.) I do not remain on topic for any length of time. It's a sort of conversational ADHD. I wander off into new and intriguing topics as I try to follow a conversation that begins at point A and is headed toward point B. Eventually, I will get to point B, but it might be following stops at "first century Roman armor", "What's for dinner?", and "Polish words that need more vowels..." ("trzy"--- Who came up with that?!) A phrase or sentence will draw me back into the original topic so we can arrive at point B five minutes or five years later.
While many people might find it difficult to follow my conversational meandering, it suits Don very well. He can play with the thoughts in his head until he deems them acceptable for verbalization without losing the opportunity to tell me what he is thinking. I can wander off into other topics, and he will always be able to follow the rabbit trails to bring us back to the original topic with his eventual well-thought-out comment.

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