Friday, June 13, 2008

Exploratory Venture

Hmmm. I talked with Shelley (in Poland) this morning. Don and I have been actively seeking a short-term missions trip that would let us head for Poland as a couple. Shelley e-mailed earlier today, and Don told me I should just call rather than trying to contain my response to her in an e-mail. During the conversation she mentioned that a team may be coming in November for a variation on English Clubs. That team will be in transit on our youngest daughter's birthday, and I would prefer not to leave the country on Little Bit's eighth birthday.
As the conversation went on, we turned to the possibility of an exploratory trip. Don and I would potentially head for Poland outside of an organized group. We would stay with Shelley as Lisa and I did this Spring. Because we would not be in country with a larger team, Don and I would have the opportunity to be fully immersed in Polish culture and daily life with Shelley. It's an exciting prospect, and I wonder if it will become a reality.

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