Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today I will clean up my scrapbooking messes because I have finished the Poland scrapbook so it can be put away. Don and I delivered the scrapbook detailing the journey of our friends Ralph and Tammy through a recent extended challenge to his health. I am simply not in the mood to play with the little pieces of paper that ordinarily delight me right now. I am sure the mood will eventually strike again, but it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Our kids refer to the dining room as "The Scrapbook Room", but I suspect that cleaning up my tools, books, pages, papers, and whatnot will restore it to its former state as a place for gathering together around the table rather than a hang-out for me and the cat. (Bella's going to really miss all those lovely piles of paper on which to perch...)


ut_eagle said...

when i talked to my dad last night he said he'd already read most of the scrapbook and was absolutely amazed at all the stuff that happened. he said it's weird reading about the main character and knowing its him but having no memory of it. I told him it's weird to hear him talk of such horribly scary moments that are vividly clear in my memory as if it was a story... but I'm glad he doesn't remember all that! thank you so much for scrapbooking this journey so that he (and others!) can experience ALL that God truly DID! what an amazing God we serve!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such a chore to have to shovel out your hobby space:) Makes me think of Virginia Woolf.