Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Day of School!

Despite forty mile per hour wind gusts, we spent the day racing between home and the kids schools. Katie's "Fifth Grade Farewell" began at 9:00. We walked home from that event to hop in the car for balloon pick up and delivery to the middle school for a lunch-time pizza party.
Katie's classmates spent the last day of school swimming, playing games, and hanging out at the local pool during their end-of-elementary-school Beach Bash. Don and I picked up Erin a couple of hours early, and she managed to knock out her first Polish lesson. A wildly windy bike ride an hour later saw Evan home from his final day as a seventh grader just in time for Don and I to walk over to retrieve Zach and Kate from their party. We hit the pool with Ally for an hour before a pizza dinner. Evan was worn out, and he fell asleep at about 7:00. Kate's friend Madison came over to spend the night, and I drove the girls over to Dairy Queen for a late-night treat to celebrate the start of summer.

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Melissa said...

Yes. Definitely ice cream!!!