Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Little Black Dress that hangs quietly in the closet in reserve as a go-to for all occasions is still on its hanger. Unfortunately, it does not fit. It was the immediate answer to the silly last-minute wardrobe panic over the mister's work party, but it was too big through everywhere. So, I ended up wearing too-big pants held in place by a mismatched belt under a tank that looked bulky thanks to the bunching of the pants underneath. Ugh. 
Unfortunately, that same little go-to dress was what I had been planning on wearing to a memorial service next week. It clicked this morning that it would not fit any better now than it did two weeks ago, and paper bag waist pants should always be a fashion no-no. The opportunity to go along with Lisa and her lovely infant daughter in search of clothing that suited both the occasion and Lisa's Mom's (the widow's) wishes presented an opportunity to avoid another unpleasant last minute "What to Wear?!" scenario. We quickly found comfortable, pretty frocks to suit Lisa and Whit, but the only thing I saw with any real appeal was a deep red dress. 

Red. For a funeral? Really?! Well, actually the widow is wearing red. She has also requested that the family not all wear black, and Lisa's family has chosen to go with gray, black, and pink. The memorial service for Ralph is to be a true celebration of his life. This in no way detracts from the mourning of those who miss him dearly. It just puts a proper face on the reality that we believe that Ralph's work here is done, and there is a place in Heaven reserved for our friend. If the widow is wearing red, then I shall wear red, too.


Laura said...

So beautiful. I know what this means to you and your family. A celebration, yes!

czstout said...

:] My favorite color!! I'm sure he will be looking down in approval!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What spunk she has!
I hate it when I need clothes but don't have them...I'm actually going to shop a bit tomorrow morning because having nothing to wear has become beyond ridiculous!

Jan Touchberry said...

seems very fitting (no pun intended)