Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tech No

In my mind there exists a line that cannot be crossed. The line between those with technical skills and those without such. Feet firmly planted on the "without" side, I tend to peer over into the realm of the technically adept with something between awe and frustration. Frustration because those like my mister make it look very easy to navigate through the strings of gobbledy gook referred to as code. Except that there are occasionally incentives that push me over the line by a hair's breadth.
A hair's breadth that feels like a mile to the inept. (That would be me.) Except that Laura had a teensy break with reality today. More importantly, she knows the key to motivating this particular stubborn, technologically illiterate individual into at least trying. The Sponsorship Page  through Reach Out Honduras did not reflect the latest new sponsors, and our links were not gong to the proper places. This seems like a big thing in my head. (Likely a bigger thing than it truly is, but in my mind there are dozens of potential sponsors cruising the page trying to determine which child... and we're not up to date! Um, yeah. I know. But, still...) My mister has access to the web site, and Laura suggested that I, "...just make the changes. If you are okay with that..."
Waaah. I do not know how. There is no way. As the wails reached a new high, my mister e-mails me a link. He then tells me to click on the link with a misplaced calm rationality. (Perhaps he does not grasp the futility of me + code?!) Then he directs me to a side bar where I click on "Pages". Oh. The page is a blog. Really?! I make the changes. I click "Update", then feel foolish for freaking out. Pshaw. Ditching foolish, I am feeling remarkably technologically literate. Literate enough that I agree when the crazy lady asks for several other changes to the website. And I think I can. If not, I will learn.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You CAN do it!

Fannie said...

I'm with Green Girl. In knew nothing five years ago and am now in charge of my organization's website. If I can, ANYONE can!