Monday, January 3, 2011


I panicked. The Little Navy Dress (LND) went back to the store in a New Year's Day flurry brought on by the news that two of the three wives from last year's party were possibly wearing pants. (I would be the third wife. And I had not really considered pants.) Except that my dress pants no longer fit quite right. The not-dressy Little Black Dress that seemed like an easy go-to solution to the of this unexpected last minute "What to wear?" was also too big. The weight lost (yes, people, lost...) over the holidays was seeming like less of a good thing with under five hours to go until the mister's work party started, and nothing to wear but jeans or sweats.
Asking, well, melodramatically howling might be more accurate, "Why, oh, why isn't flannel dressy?!" in the midst of the hunt for something (anything) that fit, it became abundantly clear that we had been hasty in our drive over to drop off clothes at a local charity because everything tried on should have gone into the give away bag. Ugh.  Again whining about the dressy occasion that had been a Happy Place a couple of weeks ago, the reality that we were going shopping set in with a sinking sort of dread. Again with the, "Ugh." Grabbing keys, the LND and matching accessories with receipts for returns, the mister and I tore out of the house.
After hitting a succession of shops, the mister and I finally gave up on finding something that matched the texted description of dressing, "...nice, but not a cocktail dress," and "...either pants or a dress depending on which looks better." We headed home empty-handed with the certainty that we had exhausted our options. The dress pants that were a little snug earlier in the Fall were threatening to fall off, but that's what belts are for, right? We made it out the door, and headed for the destination with insistence that we were not going to fret further over the wardrobe dramas of the day, but would instead focus on enjoying a wonderful meal with a nice group of people. Attitude adjusted, and pants hiked up, we entered the restaurant.
Where all of the other wives were wearing... cocktail dresses. *sigh*


czstout said...

LOL!!! Sorry about your crazy night, but it gave me a laugh to start my Monday, and isn't that why you write?? To make me, Christy Stout, laugh?? I love the stories of your life and the way you write Holly!! Here's wishing you a happy 2011!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your clothing woes sound just like mine! I'm so lazy about shopping and it always bites me in the butt when I need to wear the right thing. Grrr.

Fannie said...

This is why I never want to know what anyone else is wearing. I say choose with confidence, let the consequences be damned and let you confidence shine!