Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was my day at the children's emergency shelter. My new friend and I flew a Big Batman doll action figure around the room. When asked where we were flying Big Batman to exactly, Little Guy pointed to a Little Batman doll  action figure across the room explaining that Big Batman was the Dad flying to see his son Little Batman at the shelter. Upon arrival, Little Batman flung visiting Dad Batman across the room into a window. Then Little Guy handed me a toy phone explaining that I could, "talk to his Mom... she's real nice." (Where is a play therapist when you need one?) It will be very easy to keep Little Guy, and his Big Batman and Real Nice Mom in my prayers in the days to come, but for today it was enough to simply play with my new friend and to hear him explain how one dealt with scary things over milk and graham crackers. Apparently, being a super hero makes stuff like Zombie Parties manageable. (We didn't get into exactly how much experience LG has with actual Zombie Parties.) The hours at the shelter flew by, and the final half hour was spent stretched out on the floor working a dinosaur puzzle with the shift ending far too soon today.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like you brought a lot of life to that party!