Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am waiting. (Again.) Diagnosed with pediatric Thyroid Cancer twenty years ago, I take thyroid replacement hormone in an effort to prevent any regrowth of the cancerous thyroid tissue decimated in the 90's by surgery and subsequent radiation therapy. Sometimes, cancers recur. Having just failed a lab test, I'm going in to see the endocrinologist today to see if regrowth might be the issue causing the lab results. If there is a recurrence of the previously cured cancer, it would be helpful to know sooner rather than later. If not, then it would be equally good to get the labs back in line quickly since my hormones are out of control at the moment causing everything from insomnia to acne. While not exactly blase, I'm not particularly freaked out either. Thyroid cancer is easily treatable, and my immunologist and I both had the same comment in regard to the possibility signalled by the blood work results, "Well, that's got potential to be inconvenient with the travel schedule to and from Honduras." Hardly something to fret over, friends, and lovely that this doctor completely gets my priorities and helps make it possible to live life rather than simply preserve it.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

OH dear. I'm praying for this to be a bad lab readout and that you're all clear and healthy.

czstout said...

Yowsa!!! Even though you say it's nothing to worry about, I shall still pray on your behalf!! Love you lady!!!

Larvae said...

aw! i'm sendin' you lots of luck and hugs!