Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Boy will miss our next trip to Honduras, but it's not really his cup of tea anyway. He will be staying behind, and likely worrying. (Never mind that we've told him again and again that there's no need to worry when he can pray.) He phoned last night to say that he will not be moving to his new digs yet. He hopes to have some idea on Friday, but the bureaucratic process could still see another schedule change. His Moving Day will likely come with little warning for him (and less for us), but it will be good when he is finished with his orientation and able to concentrate on his program and working toward a possible early high school graduation.
He's not the only one getting back into the swing of things at school in the next couple of weeks. Reach Out Honduras has seen the first eight children sponsored, and Laura is hopping to get children ready for school. The matriculation fees are due in a couple of weeks, and it's exciting to know that there are students who would have been unable to attend high school this year without the gifts of both their sponsors and those who have donated through the education fund over the past couple of months are readying uniforms and looking forward to their First Day of School.
Our family will arrive the day before school starts. It would have been fun to help Laura gather and distribute the school clothes and supplies, but it will be satisfying to be in Puerto Lempira as the students head back to class knowing we have had the privilege of playing a small role in their futures. Of the twenty-plus children receiving the combined care of four dedicated aunts (that number includes the aunts' own children as well), three will begin high school this year. Hopefully, next term will see Reach Out Honduras established to a point where all the high school candidates will become matriculating students.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

And of course, God's timing is always perfect!
So true about praying instead of worrying.