Thursday, January 26, 2012


I arrived at the school to pick up Skater Girl before dismissal for a doctor's visit, and duly presented my driver's license to prove she was mine. The secretary called down to the classroom. As I stood waiting, it seemed like the secretary was staring. I tried ignoring her. Finally, she said, "You look like an actress..." *sigh* Here we go. I waited for her to decide which actress she was seeing in my apparently common features.

There are several different names that come up after the initial, "You look like someone..." I waited while she continued her examination. Naming off little factoids while seeking to come up with the actress's name, the secretary mentioned that, "...the one I'm thinking of dated the guy who is with Angelina Jolie." Ah, yes. Of course. Only one of the most likely names has been linked to Brad Pitt. I suggested that perhaps she meant, "Juliette Lewis?" She grinned and clapped. I'm never quite sure whether to be concerned or flattered by these comparisons. My usual response is to feel awkward and hope for the subject to change.

Her final question was a new one though. She asked if my husband looked like Brad Pitt. The answer to that was, "To my eyes, absolutely." Thankfully, my kid turned up so I could end the conversation with a hasty exit.


AKA Fern said...

I get this quite a lot. It's always so awkward!
The worst thing though, is that mostly people tell me I look like Toni Collette, which in and of itself is not such a bad thing. However, my husband hates her, and always says how ugly she is when he sees her on TV! Surely this can't be a good thing..?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How funny!
I get told I resemble Linda Hamilton. You can imagine how that went in the 90's when she was in The Terminator...

czstout said...

LOL, Don is totally Brad Pitt!!!