Thursday, January 12, 2012


In one of those, "Are you kidding?!" moments, Perfect asked Middle Child if she would rather go to the Winter Formal or Broomball. (The youth group's annual late-night broomball session is the same night as the dance.) This was an excellent opportunity for her to exercise a bit of self-restraint and not shriek, "YES! YES! YES! I have just been waiting for you to ask!" She was not only restrained, but avoided any indication that she was dying to get all dolled up to spend a whole night dancing with Perfect. He tried expressing that he would not want her to feel like she, "...had to get all prettied up if she didn't want to," attend the Winter Formal in an effort to get her to indicate a preference for one activity over the other. She responded with the reprehensibly unhelpful willingness to do whichever activity suited him.

She does not even like broomball. Oh, and she has decided that she does not like the shredded mullet dress, either.


Anonymous said...

teach her early she needs to be decisive about these things otherwise every opportunity will be lost to "what do you want to do. I dont care whatever you want to do" where you end up doing nothing at all! hoping that he will somehow guess the right answer - guys rarely guess that right answer without guidance and many years of training

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Breathing huge sigh of relief up here!

Leanne said...

Ahhhh. So is she going to the dance, or not? And I agree with Txre..she needs to start training that man! :) Here's hoping that last line means she'd getting the new dress!