Friday, January 6, 2012


The Pantry Cleanse has been crushed. (It was the dogs--- they ran out of food.) BFF relieved the sting of defeat by meeting me at the Market for coffee before careening through the aisles armed with our shopping carts, opinions, and a host of mental price points and nutritional information. Important findings from the shopping expedition include:
  •  "New Zealand Fresh" scented Mr. Clean, "... smells like Europe!" (BFF was in England, Italy, and Germany on two separate trips this year, so she would know such things.)
  • Be sure to soak the corn tortillas before assembling enchiladas. (That's an advanced step. It can only be attempted after one remembers to pick up the tortillas.)
  • It doesn't matter how healthy it is if the kids won't eat it.
  • There's a certain shame in admitting that Skater Girl's morning often starts with Pop Tarts.
In other news, Skater Girl's illustration depicting the Creep Factor in the third person Point of View will be forwarded to a group of 5th Grade teachers. It will offer them the POV of their students. The post will also likely give them a laugh while allowing the opportunity to rethink the way certain lessons are stated.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We can't feed our kids healthy food either.

Leanne said...

YES! There's IS no sense in buying healthy food just to throw it out. But I still keep trying. And Pop Tarts are better than nothing in the morning. We have them here too...