Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Picture Project

Despite the bad run with photos over the past week, I'm jumping on board with Green Girl to participate in Jen on the edge's photo challenge. The idea is to post unapologetic photos of oneself. My challenge is to avoid photoshopping the things I see first and like least. It's also proven surprisingly difficult to find pictures of just me. So, without further fuss, here we go:

Holiday Party with the Mister
With Spitfire in Honduras

Taking pictures at the rink

Relaxing Christmas morning

Shooting still more pictures

Hair Stylist is in my job description

I'm scared of heights. This was a major leap of faith.


Snow Day!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are so beautiful, Holly!

czstout said...

I would so not jump off of that ledge! I am terrified of heights *bites nails*. I love a good picture post though :]

Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

So refreshing to see you uninhibited and just living life. Too often in this day and age we don't have anyone in our homes unless they are spotless or release a picture without touchups.
We all need to have refrigerator friends who just stop by and feel comfortable to help themselves. Showing our true selves is so much more honest.
Atta girl!