Monday, September 29, 2008


Last night Katie decided that she hates middle school (Who doesn't?!), and I should home school her. Erin thinks this is brilliant, and she would also like to give home school a whirl. Evan ignored his sisters and their insane ideas. This morning Kate realized that public school is where she is learning to play french horn, and the horn she is using belongs to said public school. This is the only potential issue she can come up with to possibly detract from the homeschool idea. So I am going to research, and pray about this because I do not want to blow either daughter off.
We considered homeschooling, but really, there is a need for the kids to be in the public school setting to shine in the darkness that separation of church and state has become. Our home is pretty well-lit, but there are some very dim spots in the local elementary and middle schools. I also know that they are developing a worldview that can handle the garbage found in the wider world without robbing them of their Christian faith because we are able to teach them and guide them through the difficult and scary situations and scenarios that crop up rather than eventually having them suddenly shocked by the big, harsh world.
That decision was also made without consulting the kids who were much younger at the time. I have no real concern about "socialization" because we have a wide circle of friends, and there are several active homeschool groups in our area, too. "School" could be accomplished in fewer hours than are currently allotted, and there would be more time for family, socializing, exercising, and Bible study than the children have now. Several families we know are homeschooling, and their kids are well-adjusted, bright, interesting people. So, we will again address the homeschool option because the original decision was made without the children's input, and now the children are old enough to have their ideas given some consideration. It will be interesting to see what the arguments for and against look like whether we go forward with public school or give homeschool a shot.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, the timeless debate these days! Our pastor has come out and said it, "Be in the world not of it, but go INTO the world and be salt and light." He actually condones the public school choice for the reasons you wrote. I also condone it because I think it's rather selfish to take the best, most committed parents out of the system and having them only working for the benefit of their own kid. It's less selfish to work for the good of all kids by volunteering at the public school, so that's the path we've taken, come hell or high water...

Patience_Crabstick said...

The public schools in our district allow homeschooled kids to participate in band or orchestra at the school, so that might be an option for your daughter if the only reason she has for staying in PS is french horn lessons. Good luck with your decision. My kids have been both homeschooled and attended public school, and overall I'd say the homeschooling experience was more positive.

Lori said...

Well, you knew I had to comment. Sister, there are PLENTY of dark spots - BIG ones - in these home school groups, too, which is where we are choosing to shine a little light. Yes, please continue to research. I'd love to have you in a group with me. I need some like minded company!!

Laura said...

OK, well you certainly would expect a comment from me on this topic, too. While we homeschool and plan to do so until further instructions come our way, we are not die-hards or on a bandwagon to convert all Christians to homeschooling.

We certainly know children in all types of education situations who are 'salty' and we also know those in all education situations who are 'tasteless.' It isn't the homeschool choice that determines such effectiveness. It is the Spirit of the God of the universe who works in willing hearts - at home, at school, at the grocery store, at the dry cleaners, at the post office, etc.

We will certainly pray - God is faithful to guide His people. Our experience has shown that God is in the details and delights in refining hearts through such decisions.

Wisdom and peace, friend,