Friday, September 12, 2008

My Girl

Don had "Donuts with Dad" this morning at the Elementary with Miss Erin. This is the child who was still at home when we moaned and groaned about having to go to the yucky school events with her sibs during her formative years. She is highly appreciative of our attendance at any school function because she knows we are only there out of love for our kids. (She is also observant enough to recognize the parents who are a little too invested in their kids... those mommies and daddies living vicariously through said children rather than simply supporting and encouraging the little darlings. While she would on some level like one of the "always there" moms, I think Square Peg is relieved to have the freedom to be who she is without having to be crammed into a round hole formed by excessive parental expectation.) She informed me that I did not have to attend--- me not being a Dad and all. I explained that I was merely along to photograph the event for posterity and the yearbook committee. She seemed to accept this as a reasonable excuse for Mom to tag along to the premier Father-Child event of the elementary social scene.
As we walked to the school, she informed me that she really does not like pig-tails. This is, in fact, her least favorite hairstyle. She says, "I don't really like pig-tails. They just look so good on me that I have to wear them." I am not touching that statement directly. Trying not to choke on laughter barely held back, I respond that she does not have to wear pig-tails in her hair if she does not like them. I start to tell her that she does not have to wear anything that makes her uncomfortable--- until the many possible repercussions of this statement runs through my mind in a rapid fire series of situations where she will likely endure styles she finds uncomfortable like pantyhose in July, underwire bras, ugly bridesmaids' dresses, or having her hair swept into an up-do with poking bobby pins. I am glad to have avoided my "freedom to be yourself" commentary coming back to haunt me on some future occasion when I will need this unique little person to tow some ridiculous party line for the sake of appearances.

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