Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I remain impressively easily distracted, but I can at least claim a medical cause for said distraction. It appears that my oh-so-super-sensitive Thyroid uptake (The synthetic hormone pill that I take daily is supposed to regulate of the other rampaging hormones surging through my system.) has gone wonky again. My face is a wee bit puffy, my concentration is poo, I have flaky skin, and intolerance to cold. Okie-dokie then. I'm already managing this lack of thyroid with wee little pills that I take two per day, except on Sunday when I take one. I guess we will see what the nice people in white coats (the lab techs, not the ones who probably should come to take me away... Ha-Ha! Hee-Hee!) have to say about hormone levels later. In the mean time I am just pleased to have lost a pound in the last three months. "Yay!" for me. (This is doubly impressive considering the ice cream habit I have been regularly indulging, and the exercise habit that has been somewhat derelict.)
It's been a weird and busy couple of days. Yesterday was pulling down Christmas decorations from the Worship Arts computer area and making fifteen sandwiches at church. (It's a long story. Use your imagination... I'd love to hear the explanations that are likely far more entertaining than the reality.) I played with my favorite baby girl who is now a whopping two months old while her Mama went to a staff meeting. I failed to put Baby Girl down for her nap, so I chose to make a fast exit when the wee one began to loudly protest the over-stimulation of her playdate with Mrs. Me after her Mommy came home. Today was a trip to the endocrinologist, lunch time with my favoritest (Is so a word.) friend who I see far too infrequently and the opportunity to chit chat without the inevitable intervention of our combined seven children, four dogs, three cats, or two husbands. One middle school open house, a photo-taking expedition, and a couple of hours with a friend at Starbucks and the day has come to a close. Whew.

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