Monday, July 12, 2010


Our family's Thanksgiving Honduras Team commitments expanded yesterday. KT and I will be joined in the adventure by Erin amongst the group traveling to Puerto Lempira. We now join any other freshman team members in the process of obtaining a passport and appropriate vaccinations as well as keeping an eye on the airline ticket prices.
Having seen a mention of passport fees increasing some time soon, I pulled up the web site to see what cost would be incurred in obtaining Little Bit's passport. The fees will go up by $25. The date for this increase to take effect? July 13, 2010. Tomorrow.
Needless to say, Erin's official birth certificate was pulled from it's file and the required form was filled out on online. We took her to the drugstore for a quick photo session resulting in the necessary pair of twin 2X2 photos to be presented with her application. (She spent ten minutes showing Mom different expressions before settling on one in between a smile and an impressive glare. It was pointed out that we do not want to amuse or scare the customs officials, and that she would have to make any of several super silly faces every time the document was examined.) Today we will apply for her passport, and have done so just in time to dodge the added expense of the new fees.

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