Saturday, July 17, 2010


In an attempt to take the good advice offered repeatedly, I clicked the link off an existing Facebook Page to create a new one. This is harder than it sounds. At least, I hope it is harder than it sounds, because I did not succeed in following the "simple steps". I have uploaded a picture of a sweet, infant girl lifted overhead laughing as a kiss is prepared to be planted on her little face. Except that I have yet to be given the option to name the page when Facebook has one of its characteristic little hissy fits declaring the page unavailable after informing that [blank space]'s photos are available. And now. I am out of time. Hopefully, I can find the location of [blank space]'s profile photo later to create the page with information on our family's mission activities like the meal service and Erin's school supply drive.

Maybe I'm just tired. Last night's Girls' Night Out dinner ended up with a secondary stop for shared rich chocolate cake topped with ice cream in a moment of "Diet Lost". We saw the wee hours of Saturday watching the Eclipse movie that leaves behind a silly grin and a desire to giggle. (Um, yes, again. If Gentle Reader is counting that would be three times. I have yet to wear the t-shirt, at least. Well, so far.) Arriving home at around 1:00 a.m., I knew this morning would be an early start to a busy day moving one of the Honduras Girls to her new digs and attending the tiara-studded 5th birthday party for two favorite princesses. It was worth it. Especially if my slightly foggy brain can be reactivated sufficiently with coffee to allow the eventual completion of that Facebook page later today.

30 minutes later:
Not only is FB glitchy. My Mom-mobile is, too. The behemoth will not start. (Wow. SO glad I did not drive it to GIrls' Night. Midnight-thirty in a parking lot with a dead battery seems like a bad idea.) Having jump-started myself and the offspring for the day's activities, I am now waiting for my mister to return home to give the car some go-go. I suspect the battery is gone. This is going to complicate matters.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oof. I am so glad I don't Facebook.