Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Honduras Thanksgiving '10 Trip is not going to be cheap, but the Lord is faithful. I believe we will have exactly what is needed to fund the expedition that will see all three Abshire girls to Puerto Lempira, and to that end I have asked a couple of friends for suggestions in anticipation of fundraising. Erin is already on her way with her fledgling, "Poo Fairy" business that pays $8 per week and $50 for pet-sitting. She is also planning a school supply drive to benefit Mama Tara's home for children. Taking inspiration from her, I wondered what I might do in addition to sending the traditional support letters to invite others to join in sending us.

The first suggestion from Heidi was, "Use your cooking skills! Offer meals from your kitchen, and I am sure you will have plenty of takers." I considered this, but wasn't so sure. This morning, the question was put to Jan, who immediately suggested... cooking. Hmmm. Sensing a theme, and, in all honestly, thrilled at the idea of spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals for others, I have a couple of sample menus that are relatively simple to prepare and deliver. I'm just not sure how appealing those will be to others, or if dinner delivery if going to be a hit in the current economic climate--- even for a good cause.
Sample Menus might be:
Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes, Salad, and Rolls
Barbecue Chicken, Corn Casserole, Seasonal Fruit
Pasta w/ Spaghetti Sauce, Cream Sauce, or Olive Oil/Sausage/Peppers, Salad, Rolls
and a choice of Chocolate Bread or Banana Bread for Dessert

Or maybe I offer it all a la carte?

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