Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bowled Over

"Mom, what are we doing Saturday?" The answer to this question is unknown because I have swallowed a significant dose of Benadryl for my infusion without eating breakfast. (Mom's mind has left the building.) She becomes impatient and brings my phone so that the calendar can be consulted. Ah. If we are doing anything specific on Saturday, it fails to show up. Which is perfect. Now we can go bowling with Ty. Better. We can go bowling with Ty and his family.
"Who is Ty?" Gentle Reader might ask. Ty is the reason that the group leaders on the Tecate Trip reiterated the No Coupling Off Policy in place for Middle Child last week. This week the kids are no longer on a mission trip to Mexico. Katie texted (cringe. cringe. cringe.) the Imaginary Boyfriend (He was a figment of texting which sort of mitigates the breaking up over text thing. I like the sort of boyfriend who is only present via digital chatter. Middle Child... not so much.) The Imaginary Boyfriend agreed that they were better off as friends, and on Wednesday evening Ty asked KT if she would like to go out. Now, we all get to go bowling and have a little meet-and-greet.
She got to know him on a trip to build a house for a family living in a camper shell. This is a big point in Ty's favor. He understands that KT has to have a parent along to go somewhere (like the bowling alley) with him. And she "likes" him. I? Like bowling and Middle Child.

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