Saturday, July 3, 2010

Night Lights

The mister and I are not particularly fond of large crowds, and the idea of going to Adriatica a half mile away to watch fireworks this evening was guaranteed to involve just such masses of humanity. So we stayed home with The Boy dominating the world in Risk, a t.v. screening of "Independence Day", and finally the popping sounds signifying the fireworks display we were skipping. Apparently the day's drizzle and occasional downpours were no damper on the light show. The sound drew me to peep out through the blinds where I found the entirely visible source.
Running down the hall in my pajamas yelling for others to hurry and, "Look out the back windows!" drew both daughters (if none of the household males). Yanking open Katie's blinds, I pointed outside. The girls and I clustered together at the window watching as pinpoints of light streamed one at a time heavenward to explode into glowing spheres set against the night sky. We raced back to the master bedroom where the view was better. The single lights came rapidly on the heels of one another. The speed increased until not one, but a series of lights tore skyward to herald series of explosions. The brightness shifted as not one, but many colors were represented in the expanding, and too quickly disappearing, light over the rooftop behind our home. Finally, the sky went dark. We headed back to our beds, but with the delicious surprise of our unexpected night lights still fresh in our minds' eyes.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A private showing! How cool.