Friday, July 23, 2010


We are on the business end of busy-ness in preparation for booking out flights from Dallas/Ft. Worth to La Ceiba, Honduras in early August. We are praying for the best possible prices and working in every sense of the word. Our collective administrative skills went to work writing our support letters to let friends and family know the who, what, when, where, why, and how of our next ministry adventure south of the border. Erin, who is our youngest team member at 9 years old, has quickly expanded her pet care from "scooping" the neighbor's back yard for $8 per week to pet sitting for ten cats and dogs. (Only two of the ten are staying at our house. She goes to the rest of the four-footed friends.) Katie is babysitting--- last night was for a precious family with four little girls six and under. We are offering meal preparation and delivery as well as our family's favorite baked goods in return for donations toward the trip. Erin is collecting school supplies for the classroom at Mama Tara's children's home. Between the support letters, Facebook and blog posts, e-mail, snail mail, and word of mouth there must be very few people left among our acquaintance unaware of our various endeavors.
The results of all this industry are already encouraging. The first meals have been ordered. The first babies have been snuggled. The checker at Target ringing up the school supplies to be added to the collection for Mama Tara's asked for contact information because she would like to contribute items as well! We have more critters than we have hands to pet them around the house. The first "Thank You" notes have gone out expressing our pleasure in the partnerships with those who are willing and able to send us back to Puerto Lempira with gifts of prayer and financial support. We are on our way.

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