Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Common

Sitting at a table over coffee this evening with friends, and J. mentioned her Dad serving in the U.S. Border Patrol. I mentioned that my Mammy's best friend's husband was also in the Border Patrol, and that the couple eventually ended up in the town of Marfa, Texas like J.'s parents. Apparently, this was not the only similarity of address. I mentioned the first names of the couple, and she looked at me for a moment. Then, she asked if the Jean and Charles to whom I referred were Jean and Charles H_______?
Eh? Why, yes. This friend who I met in 2007 through our church once lived across the street from Jean and Charles in another Texas town. She had heard of my hilarious, capable, colorful Mammy as "Wallene" over the years and was familiar with some of the arts and crafts that are so tied to memories of the grandmother who passed away in 2000. (J. had not heard of Mammy's propensity for writing trashy romance novels which were submitted in brown paper envelopes with requests that I edit the works.) Not only did she know Jean and Charles, but their daughter, Paula. Paula was the person who first invited J. to church. Such a small world, and that invitation likely seemed a small thing to Paula, but it turned out to mean new life for J.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a small world! Love that!

shelley said...

Wow, that's a great "it's a small world" story!