Thursday, July 31, 2008

Easily Entertained

Having slept the day away after a minor medical procedure this morning, I was indecisive about the opportunity to catch dinner and a movie to celebrate a friend's birthday this evening. I was also a bit concerned because my belly was making some very indelicate rumblings that sounded suspiciously like a Jackie Chan movie on helium was running in my intestinal tract thanks to gas used to assist in the procedure. I failed to see how that would be socially acceptable. Which proved that I grossly underestimated my girlfriends. I was informed that "We'll be celebrating each other's birthdays when we're old enough to be wiping drool from one another's chins. I think we can all handle it if you let off a little gas." Well, okay then.
After the morning's anesthesia I was under orders not to drive for twenty-four hours, but Don drove me over to meet up with the other ladies so we could all pile into one vehicle for our evening's entertainments. Our driver took every opportunity to make left turns--- and even swung a u-turn after hearing that I have a teensy idiosyncrasy where I refuse to turn left without the benefit of a stop light or stop signs to offer some semblance of right-of-way. My response to such obvious provocation? "Whoo-Hoo! It's an adventure! We're cruisin' around the world to the left!!!" I wonder if our evening was really as much fun as I think it was, or if I am just very easily entertained?

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