Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Idiosyncratic Behavior

While visiting a friend who was 39.75 weeks pregnant, I discovered that my idiosyncracies have failed to fade as much as previously hoped. I also realized that it was once again time to clean out the cabinets. Said friend was nesting, and I was helping. As we unloaded her dishwasher, I carefully aligned the pattern on her dinnerware while mentioning that I loved the pattern but would drive myself batty if it lived in my cabinets. She informed me that she would be opening up all my cabinets to check out the alignment of my dishes.

I explained to Ab that the dishes do not always align. They usually align. Things get messy in between my bouts of crazed cabinet organization. As I spoke those words, I realized that the cabinets failed to receive the usual right-before-school-lets-out cleaning to help minimize the disaster of children-home-for-summer reorganization. "Reorganization" is not necessarily used according to Mr. Webster's precise definition in this instance, but the goodies in the cabinets most certainly do see a shift during the summer months and Christmas Break as well as to a lesser degree during Spring Break since the children do not share my passion for ridiculous details. Sure enough, our surprise visitor last week was treated to the ugliness of a cabinet door open to expose the chaos within... Ahhh, motivation.
Besides the kids are leaving, and I will avoid the compelling need to organize the cabinets while they are gone by completing the task before they leave. I think there is probably some mental or emotional disorder here. It cannot be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because it comes and goes. I am not nesting because I will never be pregnant again outside of a regenerative miracle. It's just a deep desire to have one small measure of order. I'm striking out at the craziness of the Universe and the busy-ness of daily life by having ridiculously well-ordered cabinets. It might be a sickness, but I am entirely okay with that.

So. Despite my vehemence regarding not posting photos of the inside of my fridge, or a close-up of my "office"... I offer for your perusal the interior of my kitchen cabinets:

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