Friday, July 18, 2008

The Office.

I can take a hint. Eventually. I mentioned to a friend the other day that my desk is a mile-high disaster stacked with papers and odds & ends. (The photo is post laptop screen dying, but predates the new machine...) Dusting it wasn't an option with the mountain o' what-not, so I figured I'd just plant something in the dust once there was sufficient accumulation to support plant life. I was generally okay with this "Ignore the mess." solution. The friend in question offered to come help me sort the mounds o' stuff into more manageable little piles. Since organizational skills were not really the issue, I failed to take her up on her generous offer to save me from myself figuring my little Hobbit hole was comfy--- and in winter I would be well insulated in my nest. (It didn't sound quite so rodent-like in my head.)
Then a visitor stopped by thinking we had bumped a meeting forward a week. The whole house was an example of delayed gratification by the clean fairy. The children's laundry from the past few days had escaped the hamper (which was somehow empty save a square of toilet tissue, a Barbie head, and an orange washcloth of indeterminate origin since ours are green...) to cascade down the hall immediately off the entry. I received an order of dinnerware complete with mounds of packing in individual boxes which failed to reach the bin for recycling day... a couple of weeks in a row. Those were scattered all over the entry thanks to Bella who has thoroughly enjoyed this new world of hide, seek, and bat-the-box-around fun. The worst spot in the house was my desk though. So our guest was seated in the living room where he had full view of my disaster area. There was shame. The guest was gracious, but he has only visited here on three occasions, so he has no way of knowing whether we are really living like pigs, or if this is a fluke.

Then I pull up Green Girl in Wisconsin's blog last night, and what should my little eyes discover? Someone has challenged bloggers to open up their offices via photographic posts and yet another somebody has suggested the same be done with our refrigerators. (Uh-uh. No. No freakin' way. The inside of my fridge will neither be photographed, nor will it appear on this blog. Not gonna happen. It does not matter that I cleaned it out earlier this week.)

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