Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evan Delivers

Evan and I were able to serve up three pot roast dinners within about an hour of one another at different locations! He did such a great job in the kitchen, that I am tempted to beg him to join me in my little kingdom again today.
I did get tickled because he was going a wee bit slow with the potato peeling. I buzzed threw peeling one potato. Evan was watching, and he made a comment about being pretty impressed with how quickly I peeled the potato with my left hand. In a moment of pride (uh-oh), I encouraged him to keep trying to peel the potatoes because it would get easier as he garnered a little more experience with the device like I had racked up over the years--- only to realize that my right-handed son had been doing a pretty great job with his left hand. Things went along quickly after he was told that he could use his right hand even though he had only seen me demonstrate with my left hand prior to that time. (Oh, you literal child!) We had a good laugh at how much slower I was with my right hand than he was with his left!
We made our first delivery eight minutes late, then we stood staring at the lovely newborn sleeping in that household for far more time than we really had... Evan and I both had to tear ourselves away from the side of the crib where the little one slept even though we both knew that we had two more dinners to go!
We hurried back home to put the finishing touches on the second dinner to be delivered. That one was due for delivery one minute after we left the house with it, so we were definitely late with that one. As we drove down the street, I explained to Evan that we were headed to the house wear we used to feed Stitches the cat after her person moved overseas and had to leave the ancient behemoth behind. Evan absolutely remembers that kitty as being foul-tempered even three years later, so he knew right where we were headed.
As we slowly drove up the street, I found it ironic that a car looking just like my friend Lisa's was parked outside what I thought was the house where we were headed. Well, duh! Lisa was at her Mom and Dad's house as we arrived to drop of the dinner, and we also had something for Lisa in the car, too. The couple with the new baby had dinner delivered by Lisa the night before, and they had her dish ready to go when we delivered. So I had Lisa's dish and her "Thank You" note that I could drop off making the dinner run a two-for... Bonus!
We headed back home to complete our final challenge... er, meal of the day. Evan and I were both very glad to sit down to the roast, potatoes, and carrots we had worked on all afternoon. The prepared "shortcut" additions to the meal fell flat (salad and rolls), but the dessert of fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries totally made up for the dry rolls and ho-hum salad. Whew!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

and the best gift for a new baby is a meal for the family!