Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Now?

The whole idea of seeking after happiness is a warped one. Where does the idea that we have a right to happiness come from exactly? Newsflash: we do not have a right to "Be Happy". I am familiar with the right to the pursuit of happiness. There is a lapse between the original version of that idea and the modern mindset. "Happiness" seems to be all wrapped up in an assortment of shiny packages from possessions to power and prestige. If "happiness" isn't present one really ought to see someone about that...
On the other hand, there is joy. Joy is an outflow of the Holy Spirit--- a sometimes indefinable "something different" about a person. I'm not interested in being happy. It does happen, but "happy" is an emotion--- not a goal. Joy is more difficult because it is not a result of anything I can do, but of what has been done for me. It requires me to submit all my own will to the Will of an omniscient God who is fully in charge, but who chooses to allow me free will. (No, Alice, we're not going down that rabbit hole.) I'm not going to "pull one over on God", or likely to find Him waiting to smite me at the first sign of my disobedience. Choosing my way any time it departs from His way, I am going to miss out on a measure of the relationship He offers by choosing my own wants and desires over His commands.

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