Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After a summer when I only bothered to pull out the calendar on two or three occasions, the busy-ness of Fall is already closing in on us. A couple of months punctuated by trips to the swimming pool, grocery store, and church have led to a decisive laziness and lack of focus. Suddenly the reality of school starting is imminent with middle school schedule pick-up and Meet-the-Teacher at the elementary level. There are a zillion small tasks to get the kids ready for school from regulating bedtime to helping Katie decide how she wants to blow-dry her new haircut.
After the summer of showing up at my neighbor's house a couple of days a week to share a cup of coffee, I have reverted back to sending out e-mails in hopes of juggling assorted women's wacky schedules to allow us to all end up in the same coffee shop at one time. The church is launching a mammoth volunteer training effort this weekend for which I have been offered the opportunity to join in some serious sandwich-making with an eye toward lunch for the assorted volunteers-in-training. First, I need to take a food safety course before my sandwich-making commences.
A couple of friends have offered to show me how to edit my photos and do some admin stuff because I am allergic to technology and they are tenacious. (We'll see who wins out. I'm totally rooting for them.) At some point, I volunteered for the elementary yearbook committee, too. Next week will also kick off my wee munchkin care on Monday afternoons. I suspect the lazy days of summer have already slipped away while I was furiously scribbling in orthodontist appointments and meetings back-to-back.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Exactly what I HATE about the end of August! All that piddley stuff to do.