Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dinner Date

Oh, my. I can hardly contain the "Whoo-Hoo!" of this mighty fine Tuesday. It started out pretty ordinary, but things have been picking up steadily all day long with tonight holding some serious promise. I heard from Sister, who was hunting a ride for the seminary student, and while I was not useful in that endeavor because there was, in fact, a left turn and a highway involved to my eternal chagrin, I am thrilled that Don and I will be joining Student and her hosts for dinner tonight. Did I mention previously that Student has spent the past few years serving as a long-term missionary in... (Hee!) Poland? I cannot wait for a dinner tonight!

Update: Bad Shelley! A certain Polish MISSIONARY sent me a greeting for our dinner guest that she claimed was a polite "Pleased to meet you...", but I was a bit concerned about what I thought was the Polish word for "horse". Luckily I couldn't remember the wahtever-it-was I had been instructed to regurgitate. I get home from dinner to find an e-mail with a tone that was clearly laughing saying that the real translation was, "I have to pee like a racehorse." Niiiice.

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shelley said...

i'm jealous! i want real mexican food too! tell Krista i said "czesc" and try to impress her with saying violin in Polish. she'll laugh. for sure! she'll be delighted to share dinner with not one, but TWO people who have experienced her old stompin' grounds.