Monday, August 11, 2008


I live with a thirteen year old and an eleven year old. Mood swings are just the norm around here. If someone is going to be whiny, obnoxious, or otherwise unpleasant then that individual should do the rest of the household (and the planet) the favor of keeping to themself. This plan has served relatively well in all but one instance.
When Momma ain't happy--- ain't nobody happy. Oh, yeah. The Moody Me has been out and unleashed over the weekend. Part of it is probably related to last week's Benadryl in quantity during my IVIG, and then Benadryl and more Benadryl throughout the weekend thanks to some kind of bug bite and the ensuing allergic reaction. Awesome. Benadryl wacks out my sleep habits and I am generally mean and oh-so-easily irritated when under the influence.
I refuse to continue this venture on the Dark Side. I am quite capable of being irritatingly chipper and cheerful. I'll just deal with the burning, itching, and the pretty, red rash. Taking my obnoxious self off to be alone in my nastiness is not an option because there are other people who come looking for me. Constantly.
Aside from the allergy badness, and off to a whole new topic on which I do not have enough to say to qualify as a single post. Don found a new weird Olympic event for us to watch--- Synchronized Diving. Bizarre, but high on the entertainment scale. Perhaps the amusement will pull me out of my funk... and if not there's always emotional eating, right? I still have some of those lovely (FREE!) cookies.

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